WASHINGTON — Today, U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) joined Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday for a joint interview on bipartisanship and future legislative priorities, including infrastructure and U.S. competitiveness with China.

“The broader question you're really asking is what's in it for our country and what's in it for the people we represent from our states if Republicans and Democrats work together to solve problems,” Senator Coons said. “I think that if we come together in a bipartisan way to pass that $800 billion hard infrastructure bill that you were talking about, that I’ve been urging, then we show our people that we can solve their problems. We've all agreed for a long time that we need to invest more in American infrastructure, we just disagree about how to pay for it, and I think in the next few weeks we should roll up our sleeves and sit down and find ways that both parties can support to make these critically needed investments.”

Senator Coons continued, “That's here at home, but Chris, it's also critical for our standing in the world. The worst thing that could happen to Xi Jinping, that would ruin his day, would be for him to see Republicans and Democrats working together in the Senate and the House to solve the problems facing the American people in partnership with President Biden. That's showing that our framers' vision of principled compromise in Congress can still work, and so whether it's working with John on a basic bill about teaching civics in our schools, or it's working together with John on the more challenging issues of immigration or mental health or gun violence or investing in infrastructure, I think we have to show folks we can and will do our best to work together.”

Full audio and video available here