An internship in the office of U.S. Senator Chris Coons is an excellent way to learn firsthand about the American system of government. Interns will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience working in the United States Senate by assisting the Senator’s staff with administrative, press, legislative and correspondence duties.

Washington, D.C. Program

Interns in Washington, D.C. will interact with Senator Coons, his staff, and Delaware constituents. They receive an inside look at the legislative process by attending hearings and briefings, speaking with constituents, leading tours of the U.S. Capitol, providing general office support, and performing research on a wide range of legislative issues. 

There are four annual internship sessions: Spring (February-May), Summer (May-August), Fall (September-December), and Winter (January). Applications for the 2019 Summer session now open. Click here to apply for a Summer 2019 internship. 

Paid Washington, D.C. Internships

Our office offers paid internships to applicants with demonstrated financial need. Those who are interested in and eligible to receive a paid internship are required to submit additional application materials to help determine their financial need. Click here to apply for a paid Washington, D.C. internship.

Eligible candidates must meet the following requirements to be considered:

  • Seeking an internship in the Senator's Washington, D.C. office;
  • Demonstration of strong ties to Delaware or attendance at a Delaware college/university;
  • Stipulation that you are not already receiving funding to participate in this internship from another source;
  • Authorization to work in the United States; and
  • Are a U.S. citizen or meet one of three limited exceptions outlined in the application.

Washington, D.C. Press Program

Press interns in Washington, D.C. will interact with Senator Coons and his staff on a daily basis. They receive an inside look at the communications and speechwriting process by assisting with writing projects, press clips, and social media. The Washington, D.C. press program is unpaid. Delaware ties are a plus. 

There are three annual press internship sessions: Spring (January-May), Summer (May-August), and Fall (September-December). Applications for the 2019 Fall session are open. Click here to apply. 

Delaware Program

State office interns interact with Senator Coons, his staff, and Delaware constituents on a daily basis. They act as support to Senator Coons and the office staff through a wide variety of duties, including addressing constituent concerns, researching legislative issues, and monitoring relevant news outlets. Interns participate in job fairs, attend town hall meetings, and help organize outreach events.

There are three annual internship sessions: Fall (September-December), Winter/Spring (January-May), and Summer (May-August).  Applications for the 2019 Fall session are now being accepted. Apply until September 6.

Click here to apply for an internship in the Dover office.

Click here to apply for an internship in the Wilmington office.

General Requirements

  • Only college students or graduates are eligible.
  • Priority is given to Delaware residents in their junior and senior year of college.

Please complete the application form, along with all that it requires, for the office in which you are applying to intern.