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Visiting Washington

If you’re planning a trip to Washington, our staff can help you schedule tours of the White House and the Capitol, and can recommend other great monuments, memorials and museums to see during your trip.

Our nation’s capital city is a wonderful place to visit for all ages. Not only does it serve as the seat of our government, but it also offers so many educational and entertaining activities. Our office can provide you with information to help plan your visit, and we hope you will find these links useful.

Please keep in mind that some tours require reservations be made far in advance of your visit. This is especially true for touring the White House. You will need to contact my office to arrange a White House tour and we are able to submit a request a maximum of three months in advance. Though some museums, federal facilities, and cultural institutions allow you to schedule tours directly, my Washington office can assist you in this process.

NOTE: It remains at the discretion of the institution to confirm or decline a tour request. We will do everything we can to make your tour possible, although we cannot guarantee your tour availability.