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Foreign Relations

As a leading member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Coons believes America can and should play a leading role around the world.  He thinks the United States must remain globally engaged and utilize our diplomatic, military, economic, and moral power to safeguard our security, ensure our national interests, and advance our values.

Defending U.S. Global Engagement. Senator Coons believes it is in the interest of all Americans for the United States to remain globally engaged and able to promote an international system based on western principles of democracy, human rights, and rules-based trade.  We strengthen the international order by ensuring our democratic system works and serves as an example for those abroad.  

We are at our best when we promote our ideals through a collection of like-minded countries.  Allies and partners do not weaken or threaten the United States, but strengthen it by amplifying U.S. power, serving as valuable economic partners, and upholding universal values.  Senator Coons believes we should continue to strengthen our military, while also investing in our diplomats and development experts to maintain an active, multifaceted American presence in the world.  We should use diplomacy, deterrence, trade and international development, and multinational coalitions to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Advancing U.S. National Interests and Supporting Allies. As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Coons works with both Democrats and Republicans to achieve U.S. interests and lead efforts to reinforce partnerships and alliances around the world.

For more than a century, stability in Europe has been vital to the national security of the United States.  Senator Coons believes the United States must play an active role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a collective security alliance made up of democracies that share our values.  He supports U.S. military, diplomatic, and economic engagement on the continent to realize a Europe that remains free and secure.  Senator Coons also seeks to strengthen the ability of our allies to counter Russian efforts to undermine democracy and spread disinformation and to ensure the continued independence of the states of Central and Eastern Europe.

In Asia, Senator Coons supports a robust American military, diplomatic, and economic strategy to ensure continued peace, openness, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region.  He believes the United States can and should compete with China while simultaneously attempting to find areas of mutual cooperation.  Senator Coons is an ardent supporter of long-time treaty allies like Japan and South Korea and is a proponent of clear-eyed diplomacy to realize the complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of North Korea.  He continues to encourage a closer United States-India partnership and believes India’s steady rise into the ranks of great powers will advance U.S. interests and values internationally.

Senator Coons is a staunch supporter of Israel and believes the American commitment to Israel’s security and to its people is unshakeable.  He supports efforts to confront Iran’s destabilizing activities in the Middle East and a continued American presence in the region to counter terrorist organizations, such as the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, that threaten U.S security and our allies.  Senator Coons also believes the United States must continue to promote transparent, responsive government institutions and greater pluralism to foster stability and opportunity in the region. 

With many of the world’s fastest growing economies located in sub-Saharan Africa, Senator Coons thinks the continent is ripe with opportunity.  He seeks greater U.S.-Africa trade and investment and continues to call for a more aggressive strategy to expand U.S. exports to Africa.  Senator Coons is also an advocate of encouraging sustainable economic growth in Africa, expanding access to overseas markets for American – and especially Delaware – businesses, and fostering democratic governments and the rule of law throughout the continent.

In the Western Hemisphere, Senator Coons believes that Canada and Mexico are long-standing, democratic allies that share our values and increase our prosperity. He supports closer ties with the countries of Central and South America, and continued reforms to promote democracy and economic growth among America’s neighbors.

Delivering Efficient Foreign Assistance and Promoting Human Rights. A strong, principled U.S. foreign policy must be rooted in American values and aim to promote efficient foreign assistance, promote democracy and the rule of law, and protect human rights. 

As a member of the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations subcommittee, Senator Coons focuses on providing ample resources for the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).  He supports transparent and effective foreign assistance that equips developing economies with the tools they need to grow; invests in global health; and supports long-term food security for the world’s growing population. 

Senator Coons’ philosophy on foreign assistance is deeply rooted in his religious faith and the notion that we must help the world’s most vulnerable by providing the tools that eradicate poverty and promote economic independence.  As part of these efforts, Senator Coons joined with Republican Senator Bob Corker to introduce and advance the Better Utilization of Investments Leading to Development (BUILD) Act which will modernize the U.S. government’s development finance institution and help connect U.S. businesses to sound investments overseas.  The president signed the bill into law in October 2018.

Senator Coons is also a champion of efforts to foster good governance and democratic institutions abroad.  Through his role on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations subcommittee, he supports international initiatives to

broaden political participation, reduce corruption, ensure free and fair electoral processes, and protect equality, justice, and the rule of law.  As a founder and co-chair of the Senate Human Rights Caucus, Senator Coons continues to emphasize the promotion of human rights and provide a platform to human rights activists working to counter oppression around the world.