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Intellectual Property

America is the most innovative country on the planet. To stay at the top, innovation must be supported by strong intellectual property laws that encourage and reward research and development and that penalize and deter IP theft – from online piracy of movies or music to commercial hacking of a company’s valuable trade secrets. 

Promoting American innovation means creating the jobs and industries of the future. Delaware has a proud history of developing and benefiting from innovation – from the earliest times of our republic when grist mills where the new technology of the day, to the revolution in chemistry of the 1800s and 1900s, to the IT and biotechnology revolutions of our own time, Delaware individuals and businesses have been at the forefront of driving this country’s ingenuity. Strong intellectual property laws will ensure that Delaware remains a leader in the technologies of the future.

Protecting American innovation means protecting American jobs. Offline and online, protecting American intellectual property is an economic security imperative. The theft of IP affects tens of thousands of local jobs in Delaware, where leaders of businesses large and small have made it clear that foreign criminals pirating their products, designs, and ideas are a serious threat to their ability to grow and create jobs.