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Senate Law Enforcement Caucus

Our nation’s law enforcement officers are on the front lines of keeping our communities safe, and they should have the full resources they need to carry out their missions. In a time of limited budgets, it is critical to find new ways that the federal government can better assist law enforcement agencies at the state and local level and share best practices.

The U.S. Senate Law Enforcement Caucus is a forum for officials, community groups, and other stakeholders to meet with legislators, staff, and one another to share experiences and develop strategies for fostering effective law enforcement. Chaired by Senators Chris Coons (D-Del.) and Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) the bipartisan Caucus seeks to highlight ways in which the federal government can better assist agencies at the state and local levels, and helps to circulate proven best practices in administering law enforcement programs during a time of severely limited budgets.

The goals of the caucus are to:

  • Raise awareness and support for beneficial law enforcement and criminal justice initiatives in the Senate
  • Reinforce the federal commitment to assisting state and local law enforcement agencies in the performance of their duties
  • Strengthen working partnerships between national, state and local law enforcement agencies
  • Facilitate an exchange and debate of information, ideas, and concerns within law enforcement
  • Promote an inclusive and collaborative approach to combating crime and promoting community safety
  • Advocate policies and measures that emphasize and enhance officer safety
  • Highlight and promote professional careers in law enforcement

The caucus holds regular briefings on pressing law enforcement issues for U.S. senators and staff, and meets regularly with law enforcement officials to learn about best practices and the tools they need to keep our communities safe.