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Press Releases

October 2020

Senator Coons to vote against Judge Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court
Ahead of confirmation vote on Amy Coney Barrett, Senators Carper, Coons join patients and providers to highlight #WhatsAtStake for Delawareans if Affordable Care Act is overturned
Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Africa issue joint statement on police brutality in Nigeria
Carper, Coons, Democratic colleagues denounce Trump administration’s historically low refugee resettlement goal and push for increased admissions
Sens. Coons, Portman introduce bill to combat wildlife trafficking
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons on Barrett’s nomination: ‘This is personal. It's about long settled rights for millions and millions of Americans’
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons on stimulus: ‘Many of us in the Senate are ready to support a broad and significant bill’
Sen. Coons, colleagues demand explanation of Justice Department’s sudden change to election non-interference policy
Sen. Coons, colleagues introduce COVID-19 relief bill to support small businesses
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons: ‘We need another round of stimulus’
Sen. Coons applauds $630K in federal funding for police department’s body-worn camera program
Bipartisan group of senators highlight extreme food insecurity on World Food Day 2020
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons: ‘Judge Barrett as Justice Barrett may well cast the deciding vote to overturn the Affordable Care Act’
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons: Barrett confirmation ‘may launch a new chapter of conservative judicial activism unlike anything we’ve seen in decades’
ICYMI: Delaware Tech highlights Marcus Wright, Dover-based outreach coordinator for Senator Coons
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons to Judge Barrett: ‘I am gravely concerned by what I see’
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons: ‘[T]rump promised to choose a nominee who would overturn the ACA’
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons: Judge Barrett’s views are ‘so extreme as to make her unqualified to serve on the Supreme Court’
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons highlights Delawareans, impacts of Supreme Court overturning Affordable Care Act
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons: ‘Republicans in the Senate and President Trump keep trying to overturn’ Affordable Care Act