Coronavirus: Information & Resources for Delawareans
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Press Releases

April 2020

Carper, Coons, Blunt Rochester announce $66 Million CARES Act grant to Delaware Transit Corporation
Sens. Coons, Sanders push Trump Administration to get aid to nonprofits and small businesses
Carper, Coons, colleagues call for Social Security recipients to get CARES Act direct cash assistance without having to file tax return

March 2020

Sen. Coons: U.S. must update, expand domestic vaccine manufacturing capacity to respond to COVID-19, future pandemics
Sens. Coons, Murphy urge diplomatic solution in Libya ahead of COVID-19 crisis
Coons, colleagues urge Administration to help victims and survivors of domestic violence during coronavirus pandemic
Sen. Coons, colleagues urge FDA to change discriminatory blood donation policies to combat coronavirus pandemic
Sen. Coons secures critical relief for small business in third COVID-19 response package
Here's whats in the third legislative package to address COVID-19
Sen. Coons votes to pass $2 trillion stimulus package to combat COVID-19 pandemic
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons on COVID-19 stimulus: ‘Pass it through this chamber’
Sen. Coons, colleagues secure six months of loan payment relief for 800+ small businesses in Delaware
Sen. Coons: $400M in election funding included in final stimulus bill to help expand vote-by-mail, early voting in every state
Sens. Coons, Cardin, Klobuchar secure six months of loan payment relief for small businesses in third COVID-19 response package
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons ‘excited about this package and excited to get it out the door’
Sen. Coons: ‘I'm really optimistic we're going to see an announcement of a final deal soon’
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons on Trump ignoring medical experts, need for vote-by-mail
Sen. Coons calls for $2B for vote-by-mail, early voting for 2020 elections threatened by COVID-19
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons focused on delivering $350 billion for small businesses in Delaware, nationwide
[VIDEO] Sen. Coons on FOX: ‘We’re going to get this done.’