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National Security

Strengthening our national security  

In order to keep our country safe, we have to defend against a wide variety of global security threats. That includes advocating for peace and stability in regions plagued by conflict, supporting our troops in the field, and stemming the spread of terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Chris' national security priorities include:

  • Investing in a strong defense. Chris believes a flexible, well-trained force is the key to 21st century security, and that begins with investing in cutting-edge training and technology to defend our nation. From the innovative technology Delawareans are testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground to the development of new personnel specialties like cybersecurity, Chris believes in maximizing the value of our defense dollars by zeroing in on programs that address the grave security threats we face as a nation.
  • Defending against cyber attacks. Chris knows that one of the biggest national security challenges we face is the threat of a computer-based attack on our critical infrastructure. From banks to traffic lights and air traffic control to power grids, our infrastructure is at risk and Chris believes we must take action to protect Americans from cyber criminals at home and abroad. He played an integral role in negotiations that produced cybersecurity legislation with tough incentives to keep us safe as well as strong protections for online privacy.
  • Supporting our troops in the field. During his first few months in office, Senator Coons traveled to Afghanistan to thank our troops for their honorable service and ensure they had the resources they needed to fulfill the mission. He is committed to ensuring that any U.S. troop deployment abroad is worthy of their exceptional service and sacrifice.
  • Supporting nuclear security, non-proliferation, and strategic arms reduction. Senator Coons knows that one of the most significant security threats facing the United States the spread of nuclear weapons, technology, and material. This is why he supported the ratification of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) with Russia during his first weeks in the Senate, and continues to support nuclear non-proliferation and global strategic arms reduction efforts.
  • Strengthening our National Guard. Chris knows that our hometown heroes have served with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan and play a vital role in our homeland security. That’s why he has been working hard to make sure that the Delaware National Guard has the support they need to continue as an essential part of the federal, state and local civilian teams that keep us safe, whether it is responding to a natural disaster or a terrorist attack. He has introduced legislation to strengthen and expand those partnerships, because safety begins in our own communities.