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Expanding access to safe, affordable housing

All Americans deserve access to safe, affordable housing. Tough economic times have made challenges like foreclosure and homelessness even more pressing, and it is important to ensure the stability of our housing market, which was shaken by the financial crisis.

Senator Coons’ housing priorities include:

  • Preserving safe, affordable, accessible rental housing and home ownership options. Affordable, accessible rental housing and home ownership are cornerstones of the American Dream. Chris supports programs that enable low-income families to afford decent housing and reach for homeownership. This is the first step in building lasting, sustainable communities.
  • Taking steps to reduce homelessness, particularly among veterans and families with children. Even before the recession hit, the Department of Housing and Urban Development reported more than 670,000 people nationwide went to bed without a home on any given night. We must do more to provide safe, temporary housing options and prevent others on the edge from slipping into homelessness. It is especially critical that we expand emergency housing options for families with children and military veterans who so ably served our nation but have fallen on hard times.
  • Ensuring robust funding for affordable housing and community development programs.  Chris supports investments in programs that help cities, urban counties and states meet the needs of low- and moderate-income communities and families.  Programs such as the Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnerships provide important financial assistance to new homeowners, rehabilitation assistance to the elderly and affordable housing options for low-income families.  The Community Development Block Grant program has also helped revitalize communities, creating and retaining more than 259,000 jobs for low- and moderate-income Americans through a variety of economic development activities.