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Energy and the Environment

Building a sustainable future for Delaware and the nation 

Both energy and the environment are key elements of our everyday lives. We need energy to power our homes, businesses, transportation systems, electronic devices, and more. However, we must also be careful stewards of our natural resources so that we have enough to meet our needs in the present while also planning for the future. The United States is a global leader in innovation, and Senator Coons believes we should prioritize discovery, development, and commercialization of sustainable next-generation technologies that can both protect our environment and drive our economy. He also believes we must enact policies that place reasonable limits on activities with negative environmental impact, ensuring that we leave clean air, clean water, and healthy, vibrant ecosystems to our children.

Preparing for climate change. Climate change is one of the most important challenges facing our nation and the world. To mitigate its impact, Senator Coons believes that we must act quickly to reduce the amount of global warming gases released into the atmosphere, while also ensuring that our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions provide opportunities for economic growth and do not stifle investment, innovation, and job creation. As the state with the lowest average elevation in the country, Delaware needs to prepare for and adapt to the consequences of climate change that we are already experiencing, such as rising sea levels and more extreme weather events. We must continue taking steps to strengthen resilience and reduce the costly impacts of droughts, storms, and flooding in our communities.

Investing in clean energy solutions. Senator Coons believes we must invest in an all-of-the-above energy strategy that includes wind, solar, and energy storage. He understands that oil and gas continue to play an important role in our energy production, but has concerns about expanding into new areas of oil and gas development, particularly off of the coast of Delaware. He supports developing offshore alternative energy, such as new offshore wind projects and marine and hydrokinetic technologies. Senator Coons also believes that promoting energy efficiency is a critical component of our clean energy strategy. 

Protecting our natural resources. Senator Coons is a leading advocate for programs that help protect wildlife and their habitat, water quality, open space, and outdoor access for hunters, fishermen, and other recreationists. He is proud of Delaware’s First State National Historic Park and our two National Wildlife Refuges, Prime Hook and Bombay Hook, and believes strongly in the important role that parks, refuges, and other outdoor recreation opportunities play in sustaining our natural resources and our economy. He is also working to preserve the health of the Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay watersheds and the important role they play in providing clean drinking water, recreation and maritime commerce opportunities, and habitat for waterfowl, fish, and wildlife.

Fighting natural resource trafficking. Senator Coons is committed to fighting the global exploitation of wildlife, fish, and other natural resources. He is deeply concerned with the connections between natural resource crime and other forms of transnational organized crime and the threats these crimes pose not only to biodiversity but to stability around the world. Senator Coons believes that promoting conservation and coupling it with human and economic development is an effective investment in our own security.