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Senate Competitiveness Caucus

The Senate Competitiveness Caucus, co-founded by Senators Chris Coons and Jerry Moran, is a Competitiveness Caucusbipartisan forum for fostering greater awareness and understanding of issues critical to U.S. economic growth.

As Americans, we find ourselves at a competitive inflection point. We can either do more to nurture and take advantage of our strengths or we can fall behind in the 21st century. If the past century has taught us anything, it’s that other countries will not slow down when it comes to chasing America’s economic success. That means even though the United States remains a world leader in innovation and competitiveness, it will only become more difficult to retain this position in the coming years. Senator Coons and the members of the Competitiveness Caucus understand that we are now competing with every country, every government, every worker, and every business on the planet. Congress must come together to turn our economic challenges into opportunities for growth.

To promote this agenda, the Senate Competitiveness Caucus will:

  • Foster concerted, bipartisan efforts to discuss, develop, and advance policy enhancing U.S. economic competitiveness.
  • Convene key leaders from industry, academia, government, and labor to identify creative solutions to our most pressing problems.
  • Serve as a forum to raise public consciousness about both our competitive strengths and the challenges our economy faces.

By working together, we can take concrete steps to cement America's role as a global economic leader into the future. No single bill will achieve this goal, but through careful attention to key competitiveness issues and common-sense solutions to the problems we face, America can maintain its hard-earned position as the driving force of global innovation.