WASHINGTON — Yesterday, members of the Climate Solutions Caucus met with The Nature Conservancy to discuss natural climate solutions, or NCS, which are conservation or management practices that capture and store carbon, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or improve ecosystem resiliency.  

Caucus members and panelists discussed three key areas of NCS: forestry, row crop agriculture, and blue carbon (carbon captured by ocean and coastal ecosystems). Panelists included Lynn Scarlett, global Chief External Affairs Officer at The Nature Conservancy; Sophie Beckham, the first Chief Sustainability Officer of International Paper, a Tennessee-based producer of fiber-based packaging, pulp and paper; and Mikel Hancock, the Senior Director of Food and Agriculture for Walmart Stores Inc.

“As Congress works to address the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot ignore another global crisis, climate change. I’m glad that we could gather virtually with The Nature Conservancy and business representatives to discuss the importance of natural climate solutions,” said Senator Coons, co-chair of the Senate Climate Solutions Caucus.“These solutions offer practical, cost-effective methods to fight climate change and improve our environment.”

“I’ve lived conservation in my own business and land management, and natural climate solutions are practical measures that get cost-effective results,” said Senator Mike Braun. “I was proud to receive the Conservation Leadership award by The Nature Conservancy this year and to have their support in the Climate Solutions Caucus’s mission to find environmental solutions without throttling American business.”

The Senate Climate Solutions Caucus promotes bipartisan discussion about climate policy and advocates for Congress to play a central role in addressing the challenge. Since launching in late 2019, the caucus has held regular meetings with a variety of stakeholders to discuss their concerns and priorities for federal climate policy and opportunities for collaboration. For more about the caucus’ activities, please visit the caucus website here.