Direct Air Capture Technology

Members of the caucus will meet with leading companies and investors in the direct air capture industry to discuss the technology and prospects for commercialization. 

Natural Climate Solutions

Members of the caucus met with environmental and business leaders to discuss how forestry, row crop agriculture, and coastal ecosystems can store carbon and reduce emissions. 

Meeting with Brad Smith of Microsoft

Members of the caucus met with Brad Smith of Microsoft to discuss the company's commitment to reduce emissions, invest in new carbon reduction technologies, and protect the world's ecosystems. 

Global Cooperation on Climate

Members of the caucus met with a group of ambassadors to discuss climate policies in their home countries and opportunities for international collaboration on climate solutions.

The Role of Carbon Capture

Members of the caucus met with the Global CCS Institute and senior stakeholders in the carbon capture space.

Meeting with the Climate Leadership Council

Members of the caucus met with senior executives from Fortune 500 companies that are members of the Climate Leadership Council.

Meeting with the CEO Climate Dialogue

Members of the caucus met with several leaders from the CEO Climate Dialogue, a group committed to advancing climate action and durable federal climate policy in Congress. Attendees represented major companies and environmental NGOs, including BASF, Dow, DSM, DTE Energy, LafargeHolcim, PSEG, Environmental Defense Fund, and World Resources Institute.