Chris Coons Portrait
Chris Coons
If we are to make meaningful progress toward combatting climate change, both parties have to be at the table.
Jeanne Shaheen Portrait
Jeanne Shaheen
Congress has been dragging its feet on climate change for too long – wherever there’s common ground, we need to seize it.
Angus King Portrait
Angus King
The threats of climate change don’t end at party lines, and our work to mitigate these effects can’t either.
Michael Bennet Portrait
Michael Bennet
To effectively address the climate crisis we need enduring solutions – ones that won’t whipsaw back and forth with changing political winds.
Debbie Stabenow Portrait
Debbie Stabenow
The science is clear. The climate crisis is already impacting Michigan’s public health, Great Lakes, agriculture, and economy. Addressing this crisis will take a bipartisan effort on common-sense solutions.
Tammy Baldwin Portrait
Tammy Baldwin
Let there be no doubt, climate change is a real, immediate and growing threat to national security, public health and our economy. The longer we fail to act, the more costly climate change will be.
Jacky Rosen Portrait
Jacky Rosen
We can’t afford to wait to combat the climate crisis. Together, we must take serious action to address this very real challenge.
Mike Braun Portrait
Mike Braun
Through this caucus we can have real conversations about protecting our environment, securing our energy future and protecting jobs.
Mitt Romney Portrait
Mitt Romney
This caucus will serve as a starting point for a productive bipartisan dialogue so we can come up with solutions for addressing climate change.
Lisa Murkowski Portrait
Lisa Murkowski
Through constructive dialogue and by working together, we can advance timely, pragmatic policies that will help lower our greenhouse gas emissions and address the threatening reality of climate change.
Lindsey Graham Portrait
Lindsey Graham
The United States has long been a leader in innovation. Addressing climate change is an opportunity to put our knowledge and can-do spirit to work to protect the environment for our benefit today and for future generations.
Marco Rubio Portrait
Marco Rubio
Changes in our climate, such as the rise of sea levels, are measurable facts. I look forward to working with my colleagues to find real and responsible solutions in a bipartisan way.
Susan Collins Portrait
Susan Collins
Climate change threatens both our economy and our environment. By working together, we can protect our natural resources for future generations.
Rob Portman Portrait
Rob Portman
As an avid outdoorsman, I believe that a strong and healthy environment leads to a strong and healthy economy. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure our natural resources can be enjoyed by generations to come.