Veterans and the Military

Supporting the National Guard:

Senator Coons is a strong supporter of the National Guard.  During his tenure as New Castle County Executive, he came to appreciate the vital role that Guardsmen play in their local communities.  He is committed to helping the Guard fulfill its dual role as a first responder at the state and local levels, as well as an operational reserve with the Active Duty military abroad.  Senator Coons is an active member of the Senate National Guard Caucus and an advocate for Guard-related legislation, including his efforts to enhance the Guard’s State Partnership Program.

Securing the Role of Dover Air Force Base:

Dover Air Force Base is central to the economy of Kent County and provides good jobs to thousands of Delawareans.  Dover is both a strategic airlift hub vital to the awesome global capabilities of the U.S. military and the first place on American soil to which our fallen service members return.  Senator Coons is dedicated to strengthening and expanding these two important duties of Dover Air Force Base.

Upholding our Sacred Bond to Veterans:

The American people have a sacred bond with our men and women in uniform.  We must maintain that bond when they serve abroad and when they return home.  Senator Coons believes that efforts to cut our debt and deficit should not be made on the backs of service members.  Any adjustment to veterans’ benefits must be done openly, collaboratively, and in the spirit of the original commitment made to veterans.  He is committed to preventing veterans’ homelessness and to helping veterans find employment opportunities, both on a day-to-day basis and through the veterans’ jobs fairs he hosts with the Delaware Congressional delegation twice per year.