U.S. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware

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Statements & Speeches

Statements & Speeches

Here you'll find the full text of the speeches Chris has given on the floor of the Senate and major speeches delivered elsewhere.

April 2014
Floor Speech: Urging new investment in Amtrak
Floor Colloquy: Urging support for manufacturing innovation hubs with Senator King
March 2014
Floor Speech: Senator Coons stays #Up4Climate to urge action on climate change
Floor Speech: Creating a national network for manufacturing innovation
February 2014
Floor Speech: Urging Congress to support revival of American manufacturing, rebuild middle class
January 2014
Floor Speech: Unveiling bill to modernize national labs and spur innovation
Floor Speech: A funding bill that invests in America's future
Floor Speech: Congress must renew support for jobseekers
December 2013
Floor Speech: New reasons to invest in manufacturing jobs
Opening Statement: Chairing Foreign Relations Committee hearing on ambassadorial nominations
Opening Statement: Chairing Foreign Relations Subcommittee hearing on crisis in the Central African Republic
Floor Speech: Calling for an end to partisan obstruction of nominees
Floor Speech: Introducing bipartisan bill to save advocacy centers for victims of child abuse
November 2013
Floor Speech: Offering amendments to support job creation, national security
Floor Speech: Urging reform of broken military justice system
Floor Speech: A strategy to train America's 21st century workforce
Floor Speech: Budget deal must invest in job growth, replace sequester
Floor Speech: Employment Non-Discrimination Act is long overdue
Floor Speech: Expanding access to capital for manufacturers
Opening Statement: Chairing Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on proposed limits to civil discovery
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