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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Standing with those who keep us safe

Our nation’s law enforcement officers are on the front lines of keeping our communities safe, and they should have the full resources they need to carry out their missions. In a time of limited budgets, it is critical to find new ways that the federal government can better assist law enforcement agencies at the state and local level and share best practices.

In order to deliver on our country’s promise of justice and due process for all, we must continue to work towards reforms that strengthen our judicial system and further protect the rights of crime victims.

As co-chair of the Senate Law Enforcement Caucus, Senator Coons’ law enforcement priorities include:

  • Criminal justice reform.  Americans deserve a federal commitment to public safety that maximizes the value of every dollar spent.  That’s why Senator Coons supports efforts to reform the criminal justice system, including promotion of evidence-based policing and the use of innovative methods such as specialized courts for drug offenses, mental health issues, and veterans.
  • Breaking down silos to fight crime.  In Delaware and across the country, cooperation between law enforcement agencies is increasingly important to ensuring public safety.  Senator Coons supports responsible information-sharing programs that connect federal, state, and local law enforcement to identify crimes that attempt to exploit jurisdictional boundaries. 
  • Ending sexual violence and domestic abuse.  The scourge of domestic abuse requires vigilant oversight and a community dedicated to its eradication. Chris was proud to cosponsor and see the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act signed into law earlier this year. 
  • Clearing the rape kit backlog.  Inadequate attention and resources have led to a shameful backlog of rape kits, resulting in delayed justice for victims.  Senator Coons supports legislation, including the Justice For All Act, that addresses the rape kit backlog to solve crimes and prevent future attacks. 
  • Protecting our peace officers.  The men and women who serve in our nation’s law enforcement agencies deserve the best protection against violent criminals.  Senator Coons supports a strong federal commitment to these brave men and women, including a federal-state partnership to provide safety-tested body armor.  He also supports programs, such as the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant and Community Oriented Policing Services, which help keep Delawareans safe.
  • Safety for children and the elderly.  Protecting children and the elderly from those who prey upon them requires a partnership between state and federal law enforcement, as well as the private sector.  Senator Coons supports legislation that empowers businesses that serve children, such as summer camps, to access background checks to ensure child safety.  He also supports legislation that prevents court-appointed advocates from abusing elderly clients. 


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