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1.16.19 - VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT: Barr to Sen Coons: “If someone tried to stop a bona fide, lawful investigation to cover up wrongdoing, I would resign.”

1.16.19 - [VIDEO] Sen. Coons on Fox News: “The next best move is for the President to agree to reopen the government and let us begin working.”

1.15.19 - VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT: Sen. Coons questions AG nominee William Barr

Sen. Coons to Mr. Barr: “It is my hope, even my expectation, that you would trust Robert Mueller to make the decision whether to compel this President to testify in an appropriate way and that he would not face any interference.”

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12.11.18 - Senator Coons' remarks at Muslim Advocates Annual Gala

12.11.18 - Senator Coons with Muslim Advocates Deputy Director Naheed Qureshi and President and Executive Director Farhana Khera

9.24.18 - 2018-09-21 Protecting Your Intellectual Property Reception Event