Manufacturing and Innovation

Improving America’s standing as the global leader in manufacturing and innovation

The hallmark of our nation's economy has long been that anyone with creativity, ambition, and a good work ethic can realize their dreams and move America forward. Yet while our culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit remain strong, the United States faces stiff competition abroad.

As the global marketplace continues to evolve and other nations become increasingly competitive, our decision-makers must remain committed to promoting policy that enhances America's position as the world's economic leader. By focusing on a pro-growth, pro-innovation agenda, we can create an environment where businesses flourish and the American standard of living is raised.

Senator Coons’ manufacturing and innovation priorities include:

Revitalizing American manufacturing. Senator Coons has made revitalizing American manufacturing one of his top priorities, because no country can support a strong middle class without a thriving manufacturing sector. That’s why, in 2014, Senator Coons partnered with Senator Tammy Baldwin to found the Manufacturing Jobs for America Initiative and is working to refocus Washington’s attention on America’s manufacturing sector and the 11 million Americans still looking for work.

Investing in 21st Century Infrastructure. In order to compete globally, America must fix its aging infrastructure. That’s why Senator Coons is pursuing investments in our roads, bridges, ports and highways and ensuring that they meet the needs of the 21st century economy. It is also why Senator Coons is an original co-sponsor of S. 1589 the BRIDGE Act which would establish the Infrastructure Financing Authority to facilitate the construction, consolidation, alteration, or repair of transportation, water, and energy infrastructure projects through direct loans and loan guarantees.

Reforming our broken tax code. America’s tax code remains riddled with complexity, unable to spur growth and provide the certainty businesses and working families need to succeed. Senator Coons is committed to common-sense reforms that make our tax code more competitive globally and ensure that the United States remains the best country in which to do business and raise a family.

Sustained commitment to R&D. Federal investments in basic research and development are not keeping up with inflation and global R&D forecasts project leading competitors, like China, will surpass the United States in total R&D investment by 2022. That’s why, as a member of the Appropriations Committee, Senator Coons has fought for sustained federal funding for our nation’s scientists and engineers. It's also why he worked for years to expand and make permanent the federal R&D tax credit. Signed into law in 2015, Senator Coons’ provisions will provide significant tax savings to America’s innovative and research intensive start-ups and small businesses. For more information on my work on the R&D tax credit click here.

Securing America’s talent pipeline. While American workers are creative, industrious risk-takers, and among the world’s most productive, many lack the education and skills needed to secure high-paying jobs in the fast-paced, technology-intensive global economy that has evolved in the United States. Senator Coons is committed to providing American workers with the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century knowledge-based economy. That is why he has introduced bipartisan legislation such as S. 771 The Manufacturing Universities Act of 2015 and S. 1542 The Manufacturing Skills Act of 2015. It is also why he is a co-sponsor of legislation such as S.2222 The Community College to Career Fund Act and S.574 The LEAP Act.