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July 2014
Senator Coons participates in roundtable on voting rights protections
Judiciary Committee approves bill to overturn Citizens United decision
June 2014
Senator Coons urges Senate Republicans to support bill to restore Voting Rights Act
Senator Coons reintroduces bill to require increased transparency from super PACs
Bill to overturn Citizens United takes important step forward
Senator Coons urges action to rein in spending on campaigns
April 2014
Statement of Senator Coons on Supreme Court decision on limits on political donations
March 2014
Senator Coons testifies about his election-reform legislation
February 2014
Senators Carper and Coons urge end to unlimited secret spending in elections by tax-exempt groups
January 2014
President’s elections commission includes recommendations addressed by Senator Coons’ election reform bill
Senator Coons introduces bipartisan bill to restore protections in Voting Rights Act
August 2013
Statement from Senator Coons on completion of Mali elections
July 2013
With elections in Zimbabwe just two weeks away, Senator Coons denounces continued erosion of democratic values
June 2013
Senator Coons urges Presidential Election Commission to take steps to reduce voting wait times
March 2013
Senator Coons voices support for President’s commission on election reform
February 2013
Statement from Senator Coons ahead of Supreme Court arguments on Voting Rights Act
November 2012
Senator Coons’ FAST Voting Act is introduced in House; picks up Senate cosponsors
Senator Coons introduces FAST Voting Act to help states improve their elections
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