U.S. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware

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Full-length opinion pieces written by Chris and published in newspapers and on news websites.

February 2014
Farm bill is a victory for Delaware
December 2013
Nelson Mandela and the power of forgiveness
Outdated Laws Preserve HIV Stigma
October 2013
Time for Washington to refocus on manufacturing
Washington Needs to Refocus on Manufacturing Jobs
September 2013
Surveillance debate echoes Founders' struggle
Washington must put focus back on jobs
June 2013
For Americans, freedom and safety are not either-or choice
April 2013
Creating jobs in Delaware by embracing Africa's economic potential
Delaware Is Ready to Fight for Marriage Equality
March 2013
R&D tax credit spurs innovation
February 2013
Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act
Problems of voting in 2012 election must be addressed
December 2012
Time for a balanced, bipartisan deal to avoid fiscal cliff
September 2012
Learning and praying to do right
Finding God in the Party Platforms
August 2012
Obama should arm Syrian rebels
July 2012
Tax Cuts, Like Spending Cuts, Must be Fair
Supporting innovation to fuel job creation
May 2012
Startup Act's economic benefits
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