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Supporting our veterans and their families

Our nation must meet its commitment to the men and women who have bravely served our country in uniform. This includes ensuring that veterans have access to the quality, affordable health care and retirement benefits they have earned. The members of our armed services protect our nation and our liberties every day, and we must support them while they serve and after they return home.

Senator Coons’ priorities for veterans include:

  • Ensuring veterans get the quality health care they have earned. Chris is fighting to make sure every single Delaware veteran has access to the quality, affordable medical care, they have earned, including for mental health services. This includes making certain that VA hospitals and clinics are clean, well equipped, and properly staffed. He believes a commitment to veterans’ health also means supporting their families and caregivers.
  • Helping veterans find civilian jobs. The men and women who serve this country in uniform are highly trained and can offer employers unique talents and extraordinary leadership skills. Chris is committed to helping connect veterans with civilian employment and has worked in Delaware and in Washington to do it, cohosting three job fairs for veterans in Delaware in two years and fighting a series of bills that would help create jobs for veterans.
  • Working with veterans to transition into civilian life. Chris will continue to stand behind efforts to improve the responsiveness of the VA and to expand programs that help veterans find employment and transition back into civilian life.
  • Stopping the devastating rash of veteran suicides. Too many recent veterans return home only to struggle with the trauma of their experience and, tragically, take their own lives. Chris believes it is imperative that the Department of Veterans Affairs does everything possible to lower the rate of suicides for veterans.
  • Honoring those who gave their lives. Those who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our country deserve our eternal gratitude. Chris believes we must honor the commitments our country made to them by making sure that their families are cared for and they are memorialized honorably.


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