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Energy Committee

Energy Committee

Energy Committee

Building a Clean-Energy Future for Delaware and the Nation

Global investment in clean energy has taken off since 2005, with growth charted at more than 200 percent over that period. This is a trend that will clearly continue, and one in which our competitors are outpacing us, not only in innovation and discovery, but also in developing and commercializing the technologies of the future. A failure to do so will have serious consequences not only for the health and long-term viability of our economy but also for the environment. Delaware is already leading the way in fostering clean energy research, development and entrepreneurship, and Chris believes our state can be a model as we explore innovative solutions to our nation’s energy needs.

A member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Chris’ energy priorities include:

  • Investing in alternative energy solutions. There are renewable sources of energy we have in abundance right here in the United States, including wind, solar, and water power solutions. We need to invest in commercializing alternative energy solutions like offshore wind, fuel cells, and biofuels and make them widely available. In Delaware, we are already moving forward to grow a wind-power industry off our shores and know that this is one of many ways that our state can contribute to solve our energy challenges.
  • Encouraging the federal government to buy more clean energy. The federal government is a major consumer of fossil resources, both in terms of liquid fuels and electric power. If elected officials in Washington want to promote the adoption of clean energy technologies across the country, we should lead by example. The federal government should do all it can to reduce its own carbon footprint and help expand new clean energy markets. This will help the environment and save taxpayers’ money as energy costs are reduced.
  • Supporting electric vehicles and infrastructure. If as a nation we are going to transition to electric vehicles, we need to expand consumer options and establish the infrastructure to accommodate them. Without charging stations available for consumer use, the industry will struggle to get off the ground. This is why Chris supports measures to produce this next generation of vehicles in the U.S., make them affordable to consumers, and aid the deployment of this exciting technology. We must also invest in research and development for new battery technologies that will power these electric vehicles longer, and farther to meet the needs of American travelers.
  • Financing clean energy projects. While clean energy projects will be launched and jobs will be created by the private sector, Chris understands that the federal government has an important role to play promoting financing. By helping clean energy businesses find capital, we can help them compete in the global marketplace and create sustainable jobs right here in Delaware and across America. The federal government has always supported energy production, traditionally in the form of fossil fuels. It is time that we transition this support away from dirty sources of power, to a new, clean energy future. 
  • Preventing future offshore oil disasters. While we will depend on fossil resources to fuel our economy for some years to come, the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill was a painful reminder that we need proper oversight and regulation of offshore development. We must not allow the kind of spill that devastated the Gulf Coast Region to happen again. Part of this effort must involve ensuring industry accountability, effective federal oversight and moving away from fossil-fuel based sources of energy to cleaner and more efficient sources.


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