U.S. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware

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Jobs and the Economy »

We need to pursue a new manufacturing agenda, one that will lead to the creation of inventive businesses that will open new plants and hire workers for more skilled, domestically based, and sustainable jobs.

Jobs and the Economy

Africa »

Senator Coons is focused on building mutually beneficial partnerships with countries in sub-Saharan Africa, especially in governance, security, trade and investment.


Agriculture »

Delaware has a long history as an agricultural state, and the quality of our produce, poultry, and dairy products are known regionally and globally. One of Chris’ priorities as a United States Senator is to stand up for Delaware’s farmers and ensure that our state’s agricultural sector thrives in the years to come.


College Accessibility »

Higher education can unleash our children’s potential for success and is increasingly integral to accessing the American dream.

College Accessibility

Deficit Reduction »

Our national debt is large, unsustainable and dangerous, is hurting our competitiveness and crowding out critical investments in our country's future.

Deficit Reduction

Elections and Campaign Finance »

The integrity and the fairness of our elections are at the very heart of American democracy.

Elections and Campaign Finance

Equality and Civil Rights »

We must continue the work of forming a more perfect union by fighting for equal rights and equal justice in every corner of society.

Equality and Civil Rights

Education »

To strengthen our nation’s global economic competitiveness, we must invest in its future. If we commit to making important education investments now, our students will be well prepared for years to come.


Energy »

Delaware is already leading the way in fostering clean energy research, development and entrepreneurship, and Chris believes our state can be a model as we explore innovative solutions to our nation’s energy needs.


Environment »

We must be careful stewards of our precious natural resources, ensuring that we can leave clean air, clean water, and healthy, vibrant ecosystems to our children.


Foreign Relations »

As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Chris is working to promote America’s interests abroad and defend against global security threats.

Foreign Relations

Housing »

In these tough times, we need to do more to ensure that more Americans do not slip into foreclosure, suffer from homelessness, or have difficulty finding affordable rental housing.


Health Care »

The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in March 2010 represented a milestone in the expansion of access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans. However, there is still much work to be done.

Health Care

Intellectual Property »

America is the most innovative country on the planet, but patent infringers and copyright violators sap our economic vitality.

Intellectual Property

Law Enforcement »

Our nation’s law enforcement officers are on the front lines of keeping our communities safe, and they have should have the full resources they need to carry out their missions.

Law Enforcement

National Security »

To keep our country safe, we have to defend against a wide variety of global security threats. That includes advocating for peace and stability in regions plagued by conflict, supporting our troops in the field, and stemming the spread of terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

National Security

Privacy »

In the digital age, threats to the privacy of law-abiding Americans are all too real and are coming from every direction.


Service »

Service is a fundamental part of what it means to be American, is a great part of our nation’s cultural traditions, and an affirmation of our bonds of citizenship and compassion to fellow citizens.


Transportation and Infrastructure »

Ours has always been a nation on the move. The American economy was built on the movement of people and goods across the continent by road, river, and rail and to the world from our seaports and airports.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Veterans »

Congress must ensure that veterans have access to quality, affordable health care and that military retirees receive their promised retirement benefits.


Women's Rights »

If we are to move towards the “more perfect union” promised by our Constitution, we have to work for a more equal and just society.

Women's Rights
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