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SOTU Analysis: Creating clean energy jobs

State of the UnionIn last night’s State of the Union address, President Obama discussed how developing clean, affordable, alternative energy right here in America would create jobs and help reduce our dependence on foreign oil. He said “nowhere is the promise of innovation greater than in American-made energy.”

In a strategy memo that accompanied the speech, President Obama laid out his plan in a bit more detail.  This included reiterating his goal of ensuring that "by 2035, 80 percent of the nation’s electricity will come from clean sources.” He also made clear that he would help spur clean energy innovation by utilizing the purchasing power of the federal government and by building 10 gigawatts of renewable power on public lands.    

Clean sources of energy can be anything from wind, solar and hydropower to nuclear and clean coal. Senator Coons has zeroed in on advanced biofuels as a clean source of energy that can benefit Delaware families and businesses, and is taking action to advance this promising opportunity.

Another key element of the President’s address was his focus on tax credits as a crucial incentive to help spur new energy development and create jobs. Chris has been hard at work on this idea since he first joined the Senate. In fact, one of the tax credits President Obama cited in his address is actually from the first piece of legislation Chris authored, the Job Creation Through Innovation Act.

Another point of agreement is on energy efficiency. Chris has made this a priority, because as President Obama said last night, “the easiest way to save money is to waste less energy.” The President urged Congress to send him legislation to help manufacturers eliminate energy waste and give businesses incentives to upgrade their buildings. This would serve as a follow up to a program the Administration launched in December, where the government would worked with private sector partners, including two from Delaware, to renovate federal and private sector buildings.  Chris is a strong supporter of these programs, which can help create new jobs for Delawareans.

Click here to read more about Chris’ work on clean energy innovation.

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