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Sen. Coons participates in roundtable on judicial nominees

Senator Chris Coons met with a group of more than 30 attorneys from around the country on Tuesday for a roundtable discussion on judicial vacancies and ways of improving the nominations backlog. U.S. courts are currently facing a significant number of judicial vacancies with 82 District Court judgeships and 20 Circuit Court judgeships vacant or shortly to become vacant.

During the roundtable, Chris, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, emphasized that four U.S. Circuit Courts are facing a “judicial emergency” with over 700 cases per panel or a vacancy of 18 months plus enormous caseloads.

“We have got a lot of work to do to speed up the nominations process and fill judicial vacancies around the country,” Chris said. “As attorneys, you all see and feel the burden that comes with having vacant spots in our courts.”

Click here to watch and read Chris’ floor speech on Senate gridlock of judicial nominations. 

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