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  • In online chat, Chris says teachers deserve a seat at the table in discussion of education reform

    Senator Coons listens to a question during a live online chat with teachers

    Senator Coons teamed up with the Hope Street Group on Wednesday for a live online chat with educators from across Delaware to explore the next steps in education reform.

    “While not a member of the Senate committee that specifically deals with amending the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, I’ve done my level best since being sworn in to be actively engaged in cosponsoring, introducing, and supporting pieces of legislation that help strengthen our teachers’ ability to properly educate our children,” Chris said during the chat. “It’s imperative that our teachers have a seat at the table, are respected, and are full participants in the development of the curricular standards and testing modalities that will be used to prepare our children to succeed in a global workforce.”

    Wednesday was World Teachers’ Day, which is celebrated in more than 100 countries and commemorates the 1966 signing of the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers.

    In the weeks leading up to the webinar, which was live-streamed from the Senator’s Washington office, Delaware educators were encouraged to submit and vote for questions about education reform they wanted Chris to answer. Teachers could submit additional questions in real-time online during the 45-minute-long conversation. Much of the discussion was centered on reforming the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, commonly known as No Child Left Behind.

    “My hope is that we can work to fix the challenges No Child Left Behind has left behind for teachers to deal with every day,” Chris told participants.

    A longtime advocate of aggressive education reform and college completion, Chris is a member of a group of moderate, reform-minded Democratic senators who have put forth an innovative vision for education that sets a high bar for all students, and attracts and supports the most talented teachers and leaders in our schools.  

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  • Senator Coons supports plan to offer states No Child Left Behind waivers

    Senator Coons joined nine of his moderate Democratic senate colleagues Friday in writing to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to offer his support for the administration's plan to offer waivers to states seeing relief from some of the more onerous provisions of No Child Left Behind.

    The waivers wouldn't be necessary if Congress was to move forward with plans to reform and reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, but with those efforts apparently stalled, the waivers represent the best option for continuing some progress on education reform.

    "Like you, we are committed to working to reauthorize No Child Left Behind," the Senators wrote. "However, we also recognize that students are headed back to school under the current law, which is simply not working for too many students."

    "While it remains our first choice that Congress move quickly to reauthorize this critical piece of legislation, we also know that our states are in need of relief now, and our kids can’t afford to wait. Therefore, in the absence of a reauthorization bill, we support your recent announcement that you will use your authority under the law to provide much needed relief to states in the form of an ESEA flexibility package in exchange for needed reforms."

    Read the full letter below.

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  • Chris answers new batch of constituent correspondence

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    In the second installment of Senator Coons' "Correspondence from the Commute" video series, Chris responds to constituents' questions about the energy efficiency of light bulbs, the Defense of Marriage Act, the Republicans' reckless budget proposal, education reform, high-speed rail and the Blue Rocks' home opener.

    Chris recorded this batch of videos last Thursday morning, aboard his Acela train from Wilmington.

    “This month I heard from a lot of constituents concerned about the reckless cuts in the Republicans’ budget proposal,” Senator Coons said. “While Congress must tackle long-term deficit reduction that examines both expenditures and revenues, the House proposal would gut programs that are important to a lot of Delawareans, and they’re speaking up about it. I genuinely appreciate that feedback and hope Delawareans continue to advocate for the programs and projects that are most important to them.” 

    Videos released today include responses to:

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